A poker by the Old Lady brings Juve the fifth scudetto (almost).

Where do we start from this weekend Juve winning or Napoli losing? Well as this is a Juve website with start with Juve getting a poker over Palermo. The old lady made it look easy against their opponents who are struggling in the league currently facing the big drop.

Khedira opened the scoring with a really fantastic goal, a well lobed ball by Pogba Khedira took on the chest and before the ball could land he just put it past the keeper 1-0 in just 10 minutes on the clock it took a whole 32 minutes before Palermo made some sort of an attempt followed by another one, in the second half it was mostly one way traffic. In the 70th minute a corner that was met and confused the defence was met at the far end of the goal by Pogba could not miss 2-0. Three minutes later a bad defensive error Cuadrado picked up that ball beat a defender and side footed the ball pass the keeper to the top left hand side of the goal 3-0. On the 88th minute Padoin made it 4-0 Morata on one of his runs set it all up after beating two defender and Padoin just slotted it pass the keeper.

Juve just had another day at the office now nine points ahead of Napoli with only 15 left on the table you can start writing the old ladies name on it. As I thought without Higuaín Napoli have no idea no plan no goal scorer, I did not see the game but read the reports on it and it was funny reading, as title contenders they let themselves down badly, but their second spot could be very safe as their chasers have forgotten how to win Roma first on Monday night they drew at home against Bologna, then they went to Atalanta, took a two goal lead only to go one behind to finish on a 3-3 draw. Inter beating Napoli has closed them in on Roma who are only four points behind, after such a hard time finally Fiorentina have won a game they hosted Sassuolo and sent them home with a 3-1 defeat.

At the other end of the table Palermo’s defeat was a heavy one by more than one mean, not only did they lose 4-0 but Carpi beat Genoa 4-1 and Frosinone beat Verona 2-1 both clubs move above the rosanero.

This weekend has surely closed the race for that Scudetto, the best thing about this particular one is the start that Juve had there was one time that all concerned thought that qualifying for the champions league would have been a good season, now we are looking for the fifth Scudetto with great gusto.

One player has paid the ultimate price as this injury has now ruled him out of the Euros this summer, which is not good news for the national team, hope for a speedy recovery.

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