Juve complete another easy win it’s a game away YESSSS.

After the defeat of Palermo is quickly followed with Lazio 3-0, Juve send Lazio back to the capital empty handed, goals from Mandzukic and a brace Dybala is enough for Juve to relax as they just a game away from making it 5 out 5. Napoli are trying to keep the pressure on as they Beat Bologna 6-0 last night, actually what are they trying to prove, the only thing I can think about is they want to be the top scoring team in Seria A this season well you won’t nothing for that good luck.

It took Juve a whole 39 minutes to open the scoring a low cross from the keepers’ left hand side in the area was met by the feet of Mandzukic and pick that one of the net, the second came after 52 minutes from the spot (which will surely be the bone of contention by the pundits) a foul on Bonucci which went down rather easily (it has to be said) Dybala steps up and it 2-0, the third goal was well worked between Khedira and Dybala, ball across the penalty box met by Dybala and it’s game over 3-0, from this point on wards Juve play the clock down.

Second place Napoli’s humiliation of Bologna was over the top, what were they trying to prove, what was the meaning of such result, as I said in the upper column they want to be top scorers of Seria A well so be it, but no tittle for you guys.

As for the Roma game wow what a turnaround but not only that what a slap in the face for Spaletti, that must really hurt, it’s a known fact that Spaletti and Totti don’t see eye to eye and the boss has virtually refused to use him, so tonight Roma 2-1 with 4 minutes to go he decides to insert the player and what does Totti do score twice to overturn the result 3-2 for Roma, wow go the Roma legend impressive are we yes, Spaletti you have to use him for the Napoli game.

As for fourth place Inter well well you have no game plan and you want to call yourself champions really? You’re just a bunch of dreamers to be champions you need to win these game, it took 77 minutes for the hosts to secure the points a goal from De Maio made sure off that.

As for Fiorentina they are really paddling up stream after winning this weekend you’d think they could spring a second positive result, but alas no as they went down 2-1 in Udine, another team with big dreams but no staying power. A win for Milan tomorrow night and its look over your shoulder as European football could really disappear.

At the other end only Palermo picked up a points 2-2 against Atalanta, whiles Chievo made easy work of Frosinone a 5-1 as the guests had two players sent off, as for Verona it is all over mathematically they are still in by 4 points but they need to win tonight and failed thanks for the visit Verona have fun in B next season, the odd result was Sassuolo Sampdoria 0-0 both teams going for a win Sampdoria had a player sent off in the 27th minute and Berardi missing a penalty in the 89th minute that is bad for the hosts.

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