M&M make it a sweet finish.

  1. It’s Monday the 25th of April time 12 15.56 and Juve are Champions of Italy once again, this is after Napoli lost to Roma 1-0 a very late goal by Naingglolan settle the match Roma are just 2 points off that automatic Champions league in group stage.Juve Sunday night faced Fiorentina in Florence and took all three points home great goal from Mandzukic in the first half and a typical strikers goal from Morata in the second half plus a late penalty save from Gigi made for an great yet nervous night. The win was not just good but great as Fiorentina threw everything into it to beat Juve but came up short, hit the bar cleared of the line missed a penalty, well done for the Violas giving a good game.This Scudetto win is a lot sweeter, as Juve were 12 points of the top after ten games and there seemed there would be no way back, some even thought that the old lady would be lucky to even qualify for the Europa league never mind the Champions league, but no one I mean no one even dared to talk about winning the Scudetto. But from the 11th game winning the Mole Derby (Torino) 2-0 it was the start of the climb to the top, shame that the longest running wins was stopped by Bologna, but great News for Gigi rewriting the record books for the longest time of not picking the ball from the back off the net Broken by that dam team Torino Belotti from the spot in the third minute of the second half.

    The other games was a real eye opener first off all what the hell happened Inter beat Udinese no real surprise there, the real comical thing is the bottom clubs, wow they have finally decided to play out the season really so late, first was the win for Palermo against Frosinone away 2-0then Monday we see Verona beating Milan 2-1 and Carpi beating Empoli 1-0 makes for some interesting reading down at the foot, the top five we know who they are the only play offs are who’s going to end up second as for the rest just play out 270 minutes

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