New season and new players

What does everybody think. ,we had some solid performances. Pogba not missed so far I think Lemina is doing a great job.

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  1. I think that the future is unfortunately not going to be nice. I’ve had some dreams where I see buildings in flames and planes falling from the skies and being shot down.. Everyone is armed. Scary.

    On a nicer note, M. Lemina (whom I think is a very interesting player) is someone that I’ve kind of often compared with Paul ‘Pawn’ Pogba; both on the pitch and in overall appearance. Paul was simply a pawn to catapult us even further, though I so wish that he’d have chosen to stay for just one more season.. I hope we win It without him now and that mutd and mourinho crumble.
    Super Solid display tonight – no trouble whatsoever… hopefully Evra is OK for Zagreb… I think we will see Lichtsteiner come back in.. Did he really want to go and because of this has been left out of UCL side, but maybe when the knockouts start and if he’s still with us then Allegri could put him back in if he thinks that Stephan has been punished enough maybe or maybe we will see Stephan used like in Switzerland teams and he can win us the UCL in the end after he has been saved from fatigue with the squad rotations? Lemina and Pjanic do the Pogba/Pirlo roles well enough, but I think we do sometimes miss Paul’s sometimes intimidating presence on the pitch…

    The fixture list computer has shown some kindness towards us because I’m not truly shure how we might have responded if we had to play away again against a Torino, Sassuolo or Bologna.. onwards and upwards now to lengthy away days in Palermo, Zagreb and Empoli.. 9 pts I think it has to be, I think Allegri should start Pjaca maybe, but I think he might come on at half time if we’re struggling somewhere in the pitch…

    I think Dani Alves was one of our best summer signings.. he and his oppositie Alex Sandro are pure WC quality.. so much South American influence again… after seeing Dani’s goal celebration I felt why the £%@& didn’t we put an extra 20,000 or so seats in?.. I think I read things years ago that there is scope to increase the capacity in the future so I hope this is all true and happens…. those four steel struts will need to be a bit stronger and longer… Yes, I know that we rarely fill the stadium up so what would the point be… this is true, but just so that it would truly be one of the absolute best stadiums in football, another tier and it would look amazing, I feel that a lot of fans would fill a third tier for the view and spectacle of things maybe.. maybe we’ll use this $4.1m profit that has been allocated to “reserves” to finance some of the extension or maybe we’ll just have to spend it elsewhere, I guess it can be used for anything… maybe extra wage bonuses for January just to tempt some players who want the €€€€€€€€!!

  2. Excellent football tonight.. every goal was v.good, even D. Alves deflected OG was silky.. Lyon double header next that I expect to take the full 6 pts from and win qualification after MD4, then we go to Siviglia in about 7 weeks on 22 November and finish with D. Zagreb at home.. Empoli away this Sunday 11:30am kick off.

    Cafu? I was thinking of him and comparing he and ASDA (Alex Sandro Dani Alves).. Look, if some of these UEFA videos (Champions League magazine etc. (I’ve mentioned Champions League magazine before)) that we see don’t include the story of D. Zagreb and M. Mandzukic and M. Pjaca etc. then there’s something wrong with the system. Yes, slowly gel C. Marchisio back into the action.. he could be vital for us late on in the season when we need something. Asa should be back in about five weeks, ’cause he’ll be back earlier I know that… we can cope without anyone right now though… S. Khedira I’m liking more and more.. he sort of flies under the radar sometimes and his injury woes don’t help.. We need to continue to improve… so glad that Paulo B. Dybala got off the mark for the season with a stunning strike.

    Castello di Juve hosts Udinese next weekend then after we’ve visited Lyon, we have to go back to San Siro to take on Milan.. after that in the midweek on Wednesday 26 October we have Sampa at home and then it’s Napoli at home just three days later on Saturday at 19:45, but maybe that time will change to 5pm again before Lyon visit il Castello di Juve.

    Everyone seems to be predicting a Juve – bayern final or that we at least meet them in the knockouts again (of course, this must be based on what happened last season)… it might happen… I would love us to win it back to back.. Gigi needs at least one of them either this season or next before he retires of course… maybe he can hang up his gloves after winning WC2018 also? I’m proud that A. Barzagli reversed his decision to retire from international duties. What a bow out that would be for Gigi though… for me HE IS CLEARLY THE BEST GOALKEEPER THAT HAS EVER BEEN….. biased? Of course, but it’s true! I wouldn’t be surprised if Antonio Conte’s Chelsea are played in the Final next season.

  3. Why is it only ever me, Mario, Mauro or Eugenio that posts on this site? Maybe most people preferred the old site. I think I did too. Replies to old threads would get moved to the top of the list. I think this was better.

    I’m very pleased to hear what PBD has said about the barcelona rumours and that he’s happy in Torino and already at one of the best clubs in the world. He’s getting a new contract soon with a nice pay rise so that should just make him even happier.

    Hope Italia can win again against spagna tonight at J-stadium.

  4. JUVENTUS – Napoli HT report:
    Chiello off injured tut it’s one after the other this season, but we’re coping well with strength everywhere.. Marchisio is poised to be put into the pitch to score the winner. Hernanes or Pjanic’ may come off.

  5. M. Kean, if we need a goal to win in seviglia then I hope he is put into the pitch, creates a new record and then scores. Buffon, Chi3llini, Bonucci, Alex Sandro, Dani Alves, Asamoah, Khedira, Lemina, Pjanic, Mandzukic, Cuadrado? Maybe Cla8dio & Patrice ‘I LOVE THIS GAME’ Evra will start… we need to beat them!

  6. Siviglia put down the drain in a thrilling match hinged on former Palermo player, Franco Vazquez, picking up two yellow cards to help us. Sampaoli didn’t like it and got himself sent off. He put himself into the front row and continued coaching of course… We showed our strength despite missing a few key players. We seemed a little desperate to score before HT to level it because we knew that Sampaoli would make changes, so we had to score.

    I look at who we might be facing if we do top the group and I see bayern and straight away… could we be facing bayern and Carlo Ancelotti again? We could also get arsenal, dortmund or r. madrid if we top the group and it depends on what happens in vs. dortmund to decide in what sounds like a good match up.. maybe it would be better to finish 2nd and meet the likes of barcelona, psg, atletico madrid, monaco, leicester, and either or dortmund…. no, definitely probably to be group winners.

    Moise Kean has some good experience now and at 16 whoa… let’s just see what happens with him. FORZA JUVENTUS

  7. Good performance against this atalanta… I like that two of the goals came from the back despite the fact that it’s at the back where most injuries have been. I feel that we must attack from the back and surprise and startle every opposition. Excellent hard-working performance from Mario Mandzu. I want to see him contribute like that more often whilst getting on the scoresheet. Seeing CM8 returning from that injury and playing the way that he is doing right now is key. He looks more refined, more confident, more elegant than ever in his style of play and is very important to this team. So happy that Deschamps gave him the opportunity in 2006.

    Touch wood, everyone will be match fit come the last 16 legs in Feb. PBD should soon be called back up to make his way back into the team. I have a feeling that late Jan/Feb will see the likes of Barzagli, Bonucci and Dani Alves all returning at once maybe giving Allegri the selection headache again. Could S. Lichtsteiner be reincluded in the UCL roster for the knockout stages? Maybe he never wanted to leave and we created the publicity so that we can rest him in UCL group games and then he becomes an influential figure in 2017. I don’t know. Seems like 19 year old Pol Lirola is going to be recalled from his loan spell at Sassuolo – he could plug the right hand side a bit.

    I don’t know if we definitely should now think about continuing to win every game again and top group H and get **psg**, **benfica**, ****, **bayern**, **bayer leverkusen**, **** or **dortmund** (probably dortmund after madrid got a point in el clasico to stay 6 points clear they will be in confidence to win at home against dortmund and overtake them), **porto** or **københavn** (prob porto). Group runners up will bag us a meeting with arsenal, barc,, monaco, (probably) or leicester. However the group finishes, I anticipate a difficult match but I have faith and believe that we have a team that is capable. We will soon know the draws on Monday 12 December.

  8. Who would we or you prefer to get is the big old question: psg, benfica,, bayern, leverkusen, or porto?
    For me definitely not psg, bayern or

  9. porto it is then….. Tue 14 or Weds 15 Feb 17 and Tue 21 or Wed 22 Feb 17….. around these times we face Cagliari away on 11/12 Feb, Palermo at home 18/19 Feb, and Empoli at home 25/26 Feb…. good fixtures….. watch out for André Silva though, their main danger man maybe. With everyone fully fit and maybe one or two new players next month, let’s see. Forza Juve!

  10. forget that last post… confused and tired and forgot about the ‘staggering’ of the ties that uefa do to get both competitions lined up to get europa last 32 out of the way and QTR-finals etc. played at the same time…… the return leg is 7/8 or 14/15 March… Udinese away, Milan at home and Sampa away around these dates in March.

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