Transfer rumours…Who should we get?

Ciao tutti! So Season is at an end, now we got look forward to the Euros…and as always we are been linked with every player on the planet, one of late…is Dzeko..which in my eyes think would fit perfect with Conte’s tactics….Pepe on one side and Vucinic on the other side….Dzeko is tall strong player…we do need a striker that can score goals..Cavani another great fit!!!

5 thoughts on “Transfer rumours…Who should we get?

  1. We need a bomber,someone who can get at least 20+ goals a season (seeing as our top scoring forward got 10 goals)-especially in the CL where you have to take your chances.I’d like to see Giovinco return as well.Lets see…ah yes a good LB …I would bring Immobile back(get shut of Borriello)as well,and the “blooding” of some of our supposedly star young players-like Gabriel or Bouy for the midfield.

  2. I agree with both of you. Dzeko would be my first choice. Failing him, RVP or Higuain. Not Suarez. Giovinco is a must, an absolute no brainer. Everyone in europe wants him for areason, and he’s half-price to us. As for LB, Paolo De Ceglie is improving. I wouldn’t call that a ‘need’ position anymore. Would like to see Verratti there. Can’t expect Pirlo to play 50 games next season.

  3. RVP will be 29 come the start of next season so I dont think he is worth €25million plus a big 4 year contract. I would like to see Dzeko coming to us. I also feel De Ceglie should stay as our left back next season. Would like to see Giovinco back-just hope he can step up this time around. It will be an interesting summer.

  4. Ciao tutti!!

    I will be happy with either Persie or Cavani, preferably Edi due to the age difference.. Suarez is part of the poll on the homepage but, for me, he is quite an average player and I do not want to see him in the blacks and whites.. Giovinco plays a lot and I mean a lot like his “predecessor”, Ale Del Piero so, I too, would like to see the other share be purchased by Marotta and company but it doesn’t seem likely even though Conte likes him.. Dzeko is OK and could be the hit in Italy.. Of course Paolo De Ceglie remains our first choice LB.. Yes, Bouy is impressing in our Primavera so maybe some time soon we can see him make the step up and maybe this very young Verratti [who has been included in Prandelli’s initial EURO 2012 roster] will join… One oohing is for sure and these are very exciting times for us right now but we all go on holiday and take a couple of weeks out..

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