I wonder what Milan are thinking…

… in Italy there’s always talk of financial fair play, balancing the books and stuff and this is good. With the Financial Fair Play that may properly have an impact could damage Englush clubs and for all we know many of the top investors in English clubs will sell up and head over to the Serie A to give it a bit of a turbo boost.

This PSG will be one to watch though. Quite a bit of a shock to see Zlat and Silva leave. A different challenge / project is what it sounds like for them and just maybe one can get bored at a club like Milan. No boring stuff in our camp. 7-1 last night, two from F. Quagliarella – I hope he can be really good in the championships this season and score goals like that chipped lob from way outside the box against Slovakia two years’ ago. Lot of young lads played too including this Padovan guy who sounds good.

3 thoughts on “I wonder what Milan are thinking…

  1. GOOD RIDDANCE of ibra…did you guys see the papers this morning…he is saying Italian football is rubbish and worse off now as he is not in there!!!…MA PER FAVORE…MA VA FAN…..I am so glad i wont be seeing that money grabbing donkey!!! I always hated the guy even at Juve….Now I want to see Milan get those 1-0 wins..honestly without him, i think Milan are in the financial red…hence all the selling…but I am sure they will buy a top class player…but proves a point..Ibra has no alliance to any club..he leaves and slags them off…FINALLY WE GET TO SEE YOUR BACK..and not you face..good luck Milan..

  2. Did he ever kiss Milan’s badge? What are the odds for his kissing of the PSG badge? Maybe he will kiss Carlo too?

    Galliani says Milan will bring champions in. Tevez then maybe…?

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