Forget Pazzini, Balo,Dzeko…NEYMAR..he is the one..

Ciao tutti…NEYMAR is the one…we should get him at all costs!!! He will run circles around players…he is the one we should get!!! 100% NEYMAR!!!

3 thoughts on “Forget Pazzini, Balo,Dzeko…NEYMAR..he is the one..

  1. But I feel all too much that the guy with the big hair and the crazy skills will end up playing in Spagna. La Liga is rubbish. Only two teams really competing with a huge bridge between them and 3rd place. This reminds me of the SPL but now poor Rangers Newco have to start from the fourth tier in Scotland, I think. They’ll surge back up the leagues no doubt. Expect some high scoring games down in the bottom but not sure what kind of team Rangers will be having.

    As for Neymar again, can we really see him joining any club in Italy? Not in this moment. I do not worry though. I eat the apples and wait for the time when Serie A is back at the top of Europe.

  2. Cant really see Neymar coming to Serie A. Really thought Serie A was on the way back last season but right now it looks very poor after losing some of its top players.At least Juve are not a selling club.

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