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Just as things were going well,now we have to contend with this calcioscommesse crap.Conte referred to court alleged not to have reported suspicious activity.I really hope he can prove his innocence but this is Italy…

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  1. I’ve said before that they must surely have some real evidence to charge him with instead of just the word of one person, but if they have they are keeping it under wraps (unlike the 2006 Calciopoli scandal where selected wire-taps were leaked to the press months before)so I don’t know what to believe any more.

    1. As per usual, in italy its support Juve or against Juve!! In this particular case I believe strongly that the rules have been bent ever so slightly to “put a spanner in the wheels of a well oiled juventus machine” just like in the Cappello side of 2006. Let’s face it people, if the side of 2006 wasn’t pulled apart,we would be the Barcelona of present. Ibrahimovic Trzeguet upfront, Nedved, Viera, Emerson midfield. Cannavaro Thuram in defense!! This year Italy who reached the final playing the Juventus way, Juventus formation and a minimum of 5/6 Juve players per game and dominating England and Germany. So the question I ask…….Is history repeating? And yes it is!! “Sono tutti contro la Juve, perche facciamo paura….noi siamo la Juve!!!”

  2. Looks like he is guilty according to the courts and his offer of coming clean has back fired and been rejected. He should of said nothing. Another shambles that Juventus will suffer from ?.

  3. Just when we were enjoying the hype of the return to the top of the tree,we are again in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. I would have thought that after 2006 that everyone involved in football would have been on their guard not to get caught out like this again. Is it that there is an inherent poison in the Calcio ? This does not look good for both Conte and Bonucci. It is just hard to believe we are here again. Will we have to appoint a temporary manager for the coming season, it will be hard to expect the team to challange well for the CL as well as Serie A without Conte on the bench.

  4. TAKEN FROM FOOTBALL ITALIA -The entire case against Conte revolves around the testimony of former Siena player Filippo Carobbio, who claims the Coach told the whole team in a locker room meeting that a result was already fixed.

    The other players present at the meeting have testified to deny Conte ever said that-

  5. I and we just want to get on with the football. Sick of all this crap stuff. Anyway, two late goals from Cardozo and Krasic tonight 1-1 against Benfica. I would really like Milos to stay.

  6. Conte has said thats it he wants to clear his name. problem is in italy you are guilty until proven innocent,so the plea bargain is to get it over quickly.

  7. I’ve always hated conspiracy theorists (fake moon landings/9-11 was a CIA job/ Obama wasn’t born in America etc), but the refusal to allow Conte to offer a plea bargain while giving the same to Siena is starting to make me wonder if something sinister is going on.

  8. Considering what they have done today, their minds are made up and there is no chance of acceptance of proof of innocence. There is just something rotten about the whole affair. And Juve could be on collision course with FIGC over the Agnelli viewpoint. Talk about free speech curtailed.

  9. Bonucci coul also be ruined because of this, they want to ban him for three years, and Simone Pepe could be given a year at least. If they are implicated one has to ask how on earth they could be so stupid after Calciopoli.

  10. You guys need to check out and join forum. If you want the truth it is out there to be read if you speak Italian. If you need translation I will try for you.

    The basics of this new FARCE is simple:

    Bonucci was mentioned as being part of a fixed match by Masiello while at Bari. This idiot changed his story 3 times already, the most important fact is while questioned by Police Bonucci wasn’t mentioned then while being interviewed by Palazzi (the FIGC prosecutor)he is magically inserted into the mix but he got the dates wrong as Bonucci was on international duty so he corrected his timing during his next statetment.

    Further to this Bari State Prosecutors issued a document only a couple of weeks ago stating Bonucci was not a Person of Interest and that no charges should be made! Apparently Palazzi should have been aware of this and not even charged Bonucci let alone asked for a 3 & a half year ban! When he was faced with this cock up in the hearing on Saturday he tried to convince Bonucci to accept a lesser charge of ‘Omessa Denuncia’ or failure to advise the authorities with a 3 month ban…. Leo told him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine! Bonucci is a man with balls and we should be proud to have him in a Juve shirt!!!

    For your information, Palazzi is the same man who got Juventus relegated in 2006 and conveniently didn’t find Inter’s fraudulent conversations until Juventus officially asked him to make a judgement. So then he took over a year to issue a report which was timed perfectly so that Inter couldn’t be punished as it fell after the 7 year Statute of Limitations law!

  11. As for Pepe, the same idiot Masiello allegedly asked him in a phone call “do you want to sell the Ferrari?”. There is no proof od the call let alone a taped conversation. This is why he is up on charges of Omessa Denuncia and a potential 1 year ban! That is how easy it is to have your career ruined and image forever tarnished in Italian football…

    As for Conte the situation is even more farcical…. shall I go on??

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