Where is everyone living in the UK?

I would love to watch the games with other Juve fans but it depends where everyone is. At home on ESPN in HD is good but I crave the atmosphere…

I am in Hertfordshire.

20 thoughts on “Where is everyone living in the UK?

  1. I live in dundee and have a box which streams in thousands of tv channels so I can sit and watch all the Italian channels it also has al jazeera so I get every Italian match, if I didn’t work ashen juve played I would have seen every game this season even the Sunday 2 o’clock kick offs 🙂

  2. Yeah it’s a great box, I get sky calcio italia as well, my dad picked it up for about £150 and I get loads of channels from all around the world

  3. Danese living in Epping Forest, we are closer to the Scudetto, I really would love to go to Torino for the last game, if not, I hope there is a place here in London, we can watch the last game and afterwards have a great celebration here!

  4. Living in Norwich, and watch all the games on ESPN, glad to see they have James Richardson back on occasionally when they have a studio:D – though wish he presented every week!.

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