Mirko Vucinic

It looks like he’s recently been working hard in training with his shooting and finishing. He seems to have found his shooting boots. I post this after I picture that goal last night. It was a screamer.

Here’s to all of his critics both on this forum and in the footballing world.

Grazie Mirko..

3 thoughts on “Mirko Vucinic

  1. he has started to win me over a bit in the last 2 games, still find him frustrating at times though. He had chances to score or create for others in normal time and wasted it. Loved how passionate he got after being fouled and the ref gave a drop ball. Cant understand how ESPN commentator didn’t pick up on why he was so angry. His goal though was pure class, as was his finish against Fiorentina.

  2. I’m still not convinced by him, he reminds me of a lesser version of Ibrahimovic. We’ll see how it goes.. As it stands I want him and borriello out at the end of the season.

    Vucinic out> Rossi In
    Krasic out > Robben In

  3. Juve already told Roma they’re not gonna keep Borriello at the end of the season and Krasic himself said he’s leaving in June, said it was a mistake not to join Tottenham or Zenith during January.

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