Coppa italia

Hi guys

Young juventino (18 years old)

Iv not seen us win a trophy in a long time, so when is the final tickets available and when can I buy them Also where can I buy them

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  1. I have already looked at flights. I think it would be really hard to get tickets at cost price. Rome is under 2 hours from Naples. Can you imagine the amount of Napoli tifosi wanting tickets. They could probably fill the stadium.

  2. True, there will be no problem filling the stadium. Its great that it’s a one of match and on a Sunday this year. In my opinion its certainly the biggest Coppa final in a number of years!

  3. Guys reports suggest that Juventus and Napoli are trying to get the game moved as they suggest Rome is not a ideal place to play the game .One suggestion is Milan or even london .I cant see it though !!!

  4. Possibly to do with the fact that Napoli and Roma fans hate each other so there’s a potential for trouble especially as lots of Napoletani will invade Rome that day…Move it to Wembley lol

  5. hi guys,
    Apparently there’ll be an announcement tomorrow (Tue) on venue and ticket info….I definitely want to go and be in the thick of things! Eugenio what are the clubs chances of getting some tickes for us as in Italy these tickets will sell out very fast indeed. Talk of moving the game to another venue, Milan would be good I can’t see them moving it out of Italy as that’s not fair on the tifosi at all…who knows though? we’ll see tomorrow.

  6. Guys geting tickets is a nightmare due to the current suporters passport which is being stopped at the end of the season .Unless we can get tickets from our club the only option is to register with Listicket and wait for tickets to go on general sale .When they do its a mad rush you cant get through by phone and the internet cant cope with the number of people trying to buy tickets .Juventus vNapoli sold out in under 3 hours .Talk is the coppa italia is to be moved to Milan again passport holders will get the first refusal .

  7. When I got tickets from, you printed the tickets out at home. No postage/pick-up. Total nightmare to get the tickets as the site kept crashing (and that was only for a league game v Catania!). I’m also super keen to go.

  8. Kathryn i managed to get tickets from listicket which was a nightmare for the napoli game at the weekend .As you say i printed them at home ,do i need to do anything else take passport or ID or do i need to go to a certain gate to register the internet ticket .Thanks for your help

  9. There are a couple of other sites which should sell tickets for the final, including one which is already selling tickets for it, but they are very expensive and not exactly sure which end they could be in

  10. Hi Mario. Just bring the printed ticket and the ID that your used to buy the ticket (if you entered your passport number bring that). You just need to go to the gate that is easist to access your seat from – it is simple. I thought it was a great set up.

    As regards the other sites selling tickets, be wary of viagogo. I got tickets for Udinese v Paok from it, buying tickets for the Udinese end and when I picked them up, they had put me in the curva with all the scary Paok supporters. Managed to get swopped out, but just be careful buying tickets with them.

  11. Thanks Kathryn .As the tickets went on general sale we had to add our date of birth and where we were born .So i presume we will need to take our passports .Not ideal on a busy night !! ,as some of our large group did not manage to buy tickets, has anyone brought a ticket from a tout .How does that work if the ticket has a name on it ?

  12. Mario my driving licence has that info on it?? Although I’d play it safe and take the passport!! I’m very jealous – have a great time, here’s to a HUGE juve win!!

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