ESPNsoccernet Press Pass

Ciao tutti… anybody watch this? Listen to the one aired today, Wednesday 20 June.. paste this- or clickhere —- also some about Wenger’s silly crazy comments about Serie A….

br />Cesare Prandelli is a good man of ours…CESARE with him 21km midnight pilgrimage walk… Great man

4 thoughts on “ESPNsoccernet Press Pass

  1. if any of you are interested in this, click the first link then look for ESPNsoccernet Press Pass: 20 June 2012
    Jun 20, 2012(23:32) under Press Pass heading… Press Pass is really good and often features young Gabriele Marcotti on the show.. he knows his stuff..

  2. sorry about the links above… not quite he HTML code as expected… De Rossi has said that Gerrard is his idol!!!! I hope that De Rossi has the game of his life because he is quite simply brilliant and seems to have every quality

  3. Yes, every time I am clicking submit button on the posting, another tab opens, the one to Prandelli’s walk.. i flick back to the forum page and see the post’s text is hyperlinked… please sort of ignore it (this one may also be hyperlinked)

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