Keep Del Piero petition

Hi guys, I came across this which you may be interested in signing…..

3 thoughts on “Keep Del Piero petition

  1. I don’t know Bruce – he has been decent in his last few outings and is arguably better than some of our other strikers – Borriello!! I know he is no longer a cert for starting all games, but think he still has a lot to offer, especially in passing on to younger players. Was he not the one who a while back stayed behind with Pepe to work on his free kicks etc…. Plus we will be fighting on 3 fronts next season – plenty of playing time. I’m not saying ‘Don’t sign/play younger players’ – I’m saying ADP is still useful to us – he IS Juve. I think to let him go is disrespectful and will really lower my opinion of the club.
    Just seeing stories recently linking us with Seedorf and Nesta – both only a year younger than ADP makes it even more ridiculous – Nesta only fit enough to appear something like 11 times this season?! Hopefully they are just rumours though.

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