Anyone fancy a Trip to Juventus vs lazio

Tickets are still available on general sale, anyone fancy going to see the game?

6 thoughts on “Anyone fancy a Trip to Juventus vs lazio

  1. tried and failed no tickets left for less than 60 euros having a laugh even my uncle in turin couldnt find any for me not even my membership could have saved me!!!

  2. I’d most likely be flying from Gatwick.. Listicket is horrible, It was driving me crazy whilst i was trying to book tickets for juventus vs Milan.. their phone lines were also awful!

    I reckon with some persistence we should be able to get tickets for juventus vs roma I found return flights for just £75 leaving from gatwick>Milan on sunday morning and returning on Monday.

    I’ve been told you can get a coach from milan to turin in under 2 hours which isn’t too bad..

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