The Legend that is ALESSANDRO DEL PIERO..700th game…

Ciao tutti…it must be said…a goal on his 700th appearance..doesnt get better than this…WHAT A LEGEND…he is becoming our super sub!!!! ALE ALE ALE PER SEMPRE!!!

5 thoughts on “The Legend that is ALESSANDRO DEL PIERO..700th game…

  1. Exactly Auber!!! Surely the suits at Juve have to recognise his impact as a super-sub?! Keep up this form/knack for popping up with a winner Capitano and it’ll be hard to rationalise letting you go!!!

    Also, what a goal that Vidal strike would have been…. Wow!!! Matri was anonymous – I forgot he came on!!

  2. Certo Auber BiancoNero, non ci sono nessuno come lui, lui e il migliore, speriamo che lui sta ancora con noi per un po, che bella goal che lui ha fatto oggi, e siamo cosi cosi vicino il Scudetto…………..FORZA JUVE,

    Noone like him, he is the best, let’s hope he will stay with us for a little while longer, what a wonderful goal he made today, and we are so close to winning the Scudetto, FORZA JUVE

  3. What a great finish by our capitano, he should be kept at all costs, the two old guys brought us this victory tonight, Pirlo and ADP, though we should have been miles ahead at half time and never have let Lazio in for a goal against the run of play. Matri was his normal self, a spectator when he came on. Too many yellow cards tonight. Disipline is very important at this stage. Forza Conte.

  4. Everytime they show Agnelli in the stands I think how can you not offer Alex another 1 year deal? Even a pay as you play deal? When he comes on his presence not only lifts the players but the noise from the crowd is spine tingling and that is just from the tv! Its only 1 goal since February for Matri, needs to pull his socks up? Quaglia and Alex to start against Cesena.
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