Serie A –Down to the wire… remaining fixtures!!!

Ciao tutti…so remaning games for Juve: Novara, Lecce, Cagliari, Atalanta. Milan on the other hand have Siena, Atalanta, Inter, Novara. To me we look to have an easier route, but what worries is the Lecce game…we need to win the next two, and hope Milan slip up! 12 points in it…anything can happen..for me perfect scenario…Inter beat milan and we beat Cagliari to win the Scudetto!! THREE STARS!!!

4 thoughts on “Serie A –Down to the wire… remaining fixtures!!!

  1. For me Cagliari is more important than Lecce but Moggi himself commented on Lecce’s style of football being the best in Italy right now. I can’t comment. I don’t see them on the field. They are all tough games, no question about it.. we’ll see what happens… the next game is a big one. Just remember that both Milan are also playing in Siena.. both we and they are away from home and if we can win and they kind of lose then we open a huge gap of 6 points with only 9 left to play for meaning just one more win for us and we secure the championship with a better head to head as we all know all too well.. put it this way, Milan really need to win all their games

  2. I’m getting a bit worried that some of the quotes in the Italian press suggest some people think it’s all over. Around here I may be viewed as a pessimistic old git but (if we lose the Coppa on penalties) it would be possible to go unbeaten through the season and win f*** all. Someone should tell the Juve organisation to shut up for the moment as all they are doing is giving Milan’s team talk for them.

  3. Ciao tutti…Bruce in a perverse way..I agree…lets shut up all about the title the next two..and hope for a milan loss…and a victory in Coppa…then we talk..then we celebrate…like you said before….if we win nothing…we achieved nothing from all the blood and sweat!! SO Dai JUVE AVANTI!!! FORZA!!!

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