If reports are true 7 m to fernabace not good business.

5 thoughts on “Krasic

  1. Why play him recently just to let him go? (Especially as he scored 2 in 2 games, which (given that we need a goal-scorer rapidly) makes it all seem even stranger). But as with the Conte saga, I’m starting to think I don’t understand the world anymore.

  2. If he still is set to leave then I can oly assume he is being used in these games to get game time and to set him up for a move, it’s his form… He maybe wants to prove himself to other “top” clubs etc… I’d like him to stay anyway. He can be very useful this season.

  3. He COULD be useful, problem is he COULD be a bag of pants. He has talent but is a bit inconsistent. I do think he deserves another chance though. As does Melo, in my opinion.

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