Juventus v Malaga

Anyone see last nights game.I thought we looked good with Matri on form.Dont forget the super cup next saturday kick off around 1 uk time.

3 thoughts on “Juventus v Malaga

  1. Yes, I watched. I liked the one touch football playing deep and passing out of defence. We played some good stuff. The first goal was brilliant. Great work from Giovinco. Now we must fly to Beijing. Have we cancelled our friendly with R. Madrid then (as shown here)?

  2. I thought Matri and Giovinco linked well.Didn’t like the Lucio-Marrone centre back pairing though.(which won’t be a regular thing I know)All in all looking quite good.Really looking forward to what we can achieve in the CL though-it’ll be quite a test on where we’re at.

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