Transfer campaign– So far..?

So what is going on with this transfer market of ours? We lost out on RVP, we might loose LLorente? What will happen we ome up short with no striker! I also think we need right and left back cover! And one centre back. Keep Matri and Fabio Qua! If we do loose Llorente..who else is there..Pazzini is off to Milan deal done this morning, and Cassano going the other way! Thos two clubs do make me laugh!!! Bunch of muppets! Swapping if they will do better on the other side!

10 thoughts on “Transfer campaign– So far..?

  1. Still need a bomber upfront for me.Matri has done well pre season but needs to be less of a “mangia gol”.LB needs addressing if Ziegler gets moved on.I like the look of Pogba from what I’ve seen and been surprised with Padoin.Hopefully exciting times ahead.

  2. bloody Llorent is off to England!!!! cant believe this….we loose out AGAIN!!! how are we suppose to compete in CL??? He is most likely going to Man City now!!! So does that mean Dzeko is coming to us?

  3. Yes, I heard how that idiot Mancini said that, since Aguero’s strange injury, he may need to reassess transfer dealings (or something)… That sky blue crappy club don’t make me jealous (like some people seem to think of others), I just laugh at how mediocre they actually are… It’s like that saying [with many similar ones that many of you will have heard], “You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl”. Manc city is a small small club simply with extremely wealthy owners… So now they are trying to jump ahead of the queue and snatch Llorente from our fingers? They know it is easy for them because they have so much bflippin money they will happily write cheques for club, agent, player etc etc and it just doesn’t matter….. AS MUCH AS I HATE SH*TPOOL (and I have been reliably informed that they do honour the names of the 39 fans that tragically died).. AT LEAST ONE CAN LOOK SND AGREE THAT THEY HAVE MORE HISTORY! TRADITION AND EVEN PEDIGREE THAN THAT SILLY LITTLE CLUB FROM THE WASTELANDS! WHHOPPS I MEAN THE CRAPIHAD STAD.

    Paul Pogba = extremely young versatile quality and possible future captain for France.

    As for the Milan clubs they’re still both part of the same club just that one is on one side of the roulette table and the other, the other.

    Just get Conte’s appeal decisions out of the way (could be as early as tomorrow), bring Parma on (will be interesting for little Gio) and one or two additional signings… How long is Martin Caceres out for – anyone know?

  4. Interesting read Steve! Well Conte still has got his ban!! damn it! I see Lichsteiner is possibly off to PSG for 18 million euros!!! its gonna be a long week this transfer business. I hope we get a big name!

  5. Please stay Stephan!!!!!!!!! By the honouring of the 39 Juve fans I meant to state that the names are listed on a plaque somewhere outside the stadium. One more appeal left to the Olympic court… Angelo’s ban has been reduced to six months. At the end of the working week the Milanese clubs are the same. Stephan, you must stay with gli bianconeri!!!

  6. The reports are that Kun Aquero is only out for around 3 to 4 weeks so surely that idiot Mancini doesn’t “need to reassess his transfer dealings” and can stop trying to interfere in our approach for Fernando Llorente Torres but now I read rumours that Chelsea might be interested grrr but we are also still chasing Stevan Jovetic whom I may prefer ’cause he’s a really good player.. I would love it, absolutely love it if we meet with Mancini’s goons in the knockout phases of the UECL and destroy them.. we will find out next week on the Friday who we face in the grouping stages – Arsenal or Chelsea (Di Matteo’s squad look good, very good) are very likely which will be ok with the side we have and now in Italian domestic competitions we will be able to name up to 12 subs so hopefully maybe give even more opportunity for some of our young emerging talent.. Milan surely will be dipping back in the market now that Pato has some new injury tut tut

  7. ciao tutti…i have a funny feeling….dzeko is off to milan….dont know why….who is this for a coup…LLorente AND Jovetic!! never happen…but my God will it not be awesome!!!

  8. well …Llorente is not playing tonight (Europa League) nor on the bench…he didnt play in the la he is defo out…but where who knows…spero a Juve!

  9. Looks like Llorente came on as a sub in Bilbao’s previous two Europa League fixtures against SLAVEN KOPRIVNICA see him enter as sub on both occasions… So as this is Europa League, is still a UEFA competition and was a qualifying preliminary round, could he face cup ties in the Champs League should he join us or any other club competing in the UECL, or will he only be cup tied for the Europa competiton?

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