Massimo Carrera

Obviously, I’m pretty happy at our performance last night. Asamoah seems like a bargain, Lichsteiner is the best in the world, if only we had a striker…but enough of that. My concern is with Massimo Carrera. I’m sure he’s very good as a coach, but the stand-in cheerleader seems to be taking a lot of credit for the victories judging by the post-match quotes. I don’t know if it’s part of a plan, but does anybody else see a potential power struggle for the sideline spot next season? I just can’t see Carrera happy to melt back into the background. I know he and Conte are friends and go back a long way, but power corrupts and Carrera has had a taste of it now. Thoughts?

Been a Juve fan Since 1978. Still in love with Platini. Was at Heysel with my older brother.

2 thoughts on “Massimo Carrera

  1. Asamoah was man of the match last night for me-it’s a pity we only own 50% of him.As for Carrera,I think he knows it’s only a part time gig.But it also puts him the shop window if he does well,so it’s a win-win for him.

  2. Hi. I agree with you Tony, Carrera is in the ‘shop window’ for next season if his friendship with Conte takes a nosedive. Hope not, cos they could work for the greater good in the Juve cause. Top striker! Who is there available and what would they cost? I suppose there will be many in the shop window but Juve haven’t much time left!

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