New striker

In the Moggi days he would pull a surprise last minute.Has Marrotta left it to late ?. i would rather give Matri a run than buy any reject.

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  1. I’ve seen this coming for weeks. Instead of focusing on one striker, he’s been flirting with several. He just doesn’t want to pay the big money a striker costs. Being linked with Berbatov and (Heaven forbid) Bendtner smacks of desperation. I agree with the postee (whoever that is). Would rather make do with Matri and Quagliarella upfront than some 2nd rate makeshift.

  2. Bendtner isn’t good enough to get into a mediocre Arsenal squad. Isn’t that a clue? Berbatov was 5th choice behind RVP, Rooney, Chicarito and Welbeck. What on Earth is going on? This is a disaster!

  3. Oh dear looks like Berbatov has turned us down in favour of Fulham!Apparently Mrs B wants to stay in England.Also it seems Fiorentina were not impressed having paid for the Berbatov’s flight with some fans waiting at the airport for him!

  4. Listen to me. If what you rumour about Berba is true just think about his extraordinary skill and technique and what he could also bring to our front runners. If we get him quite cheap then I think he could be good for two or three seasons. Let us see. Tomorrow is a big day in discovering our group stage opponents – I think we’re in pot 3. UEFA give us shockingly poor co-efficients so I hope we can boost Italian footy (sorry for Udinese having to go back into Europa). Milan, I think, just about claim pot 1 with co-efficients of 89,996? Pot 2’s top Valencia coming in with 89,837..

  5. Well, this has gone spectacularly shit hasn’t it? Unless something truly awesome happens we will have gone from Dzeko (good) to Van Persie (very good) to Jovetic (very good) to Llorente (very good)to Drogba (good but a bit passed it) to Berbatov (slightly less old or good as Drogba, but not a disaster) to Bendtner (total crap – a player not even Sunderland want to keep).

    2 months back I thought we’d end up with really good striker, now I fear the worst. Can someone tell Marotta he can have the bird-table from my garden for half the price we’d have to pay for the useless Dane, and my bird-table has more mobility and ball-control.

  6. Bendtner NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. If we are that desperate, there’s a certain Mr. Del Piero that still hasn’t signed for anyone. He’s still better than Bendtner.

  7. I’m hoping that Bilbao see that €20m now is better than €0 come next summer.I fear that Serie A has lost its appeal and we’re behind the EPL & La Liga.If you were a ‘top player’ and Barça,Real,ManU,Chelsea,ManC & Juve all come in for you,Juve (sadly at the moment) would not be top of your list.

  8. Seems like Bendtner has been taken on loan for 1 season for Eur 1 million with an option to buy for Eur 6 million. Let’s hope he’s not the waste of time that Boriello was last season. I hope that we can do a deal for Llorente in January perhaps to buy and keep at Atletico Bilbao until the end of the season.

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