Silly Idea or what!!!

With this so called top player not coming or is he? Why not take back Del Piero.The Dane is not that man.

2 thoughts on “Silly Idea or what!!!

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I always believed we were a great club, even in serie B, but if this is what we’ve been reduced to it’s a sad day for Italian football. Bendtner is not serie A standard, let alone good enough to wear the bianconeri. I am absolutely furious. If we couldn’t get anyone else, leave it to the January window. Every minute he plays, is a minute that Quagi, Matri, Gio or Mirko won’t get, and they are all better than that clot. Heck, I’m better than that clot. There is still a day to go, but if the big-name striker doesn’t come in, I’m disgusted.

  2. I personally would not want him to come but, who knows, he could be some sort of inspiration.. anything can happen and if he does come on loan then he should be given a chance.

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