evening kick offs

absolutely raging that many of our games are in the evening, perhaps for tv purposes. I am a studentd currently on a year out from uni, and am spending my time, near turin, approximately 1 hour away in the train. As i dont drive, returning from games is a difficulty AS THERE ARE NO TRAINS BACK LATE AT NIGHT, AND EVEN IF THERE WAS, THERE ARE NO BUSSES IN THE SMALL HOURS TO GET TO THE VILLIAGE WHICH IS A STONE THROW AWAY FROM THE TOWN, BUT UP ON HIGHER GROUND !!!!!!!!
just hope my cousin in torino doesnt mind me staying over at his. but if we had a 3pm kick off it would be perfect for me 🙁

hoping to get a ticket for juve inter via listicket, as a juventus member italiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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