Inter Scum

Why when inter win we have to hear about it all week.Just get on with it.Just cant belive that Morrati and their manager stramacokihead talk so much crap.By the way where are all our so called members been monitoring the site for a few weeks very few posts.Seems to wake up when people want tickets

6 thoughts on “Inter Scum

  1. Of all the teams to lose our unbeaten run to!However we can’t have any complaints about the result.Can you imagine the uproar about our goal and the non sending off of Lichsteiner if we had not lost?Anyway it’s not the falling down but it’s how you get up that counts.The unbeaten thing was getting to be a bit of a monkey on our backs.Now it’s time to reflect and push forward.With regards to the forum it does appear a bit static(especially compared to comments and debate you can have on twitter).But the ‘news’ page has not been updated since Oct 22nd which seems a bit odd?

  2. Well, at least none of our players tried to swap shirts at half time. I don’t know about anyone else but since the redesign the web filter my employer uses (websense) blocks the forum reply page due to ‘gambling’. This clearly cuts down alot of my time here.

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