Milan V Juventus

Guys whats your take on this game

5 thoughts on “Milan V Juventus

  1. Well in the end we were beaten by a bad decision by the officials but we would never have scored there in a million years, too many of our players were not up to it, the passing and inability to get crosses in and then when we did get them in there was nothing there to profit from it. Why do we not try Matri in the centre forward role if we are playing the long passes in to big defenders.?? Milan would never have scored without the crap ref.

  2. Maybe it’s because we were tired after midweek, but we really rolled the years back and delivered a performance worthy of the Ferrara reign. Possibly the worst performance I’ve ever seen (maybe Fulham away was worse).

    Counted 82 mins before the Milan goalie had a save to make. Don’t think any players can be proud of their display tonight, but particularly poor were Isla, Vidal, Pirlo and Marchisio. Special mention for Giovinco who managed to be worse than all of them despite coming on as a sub.

    Is it possible to have a competition on here to see who can come up with a more useful waste of a Juve shirt than giving one to Giovinco? My next door neighbour was died a couple of nights ago and he was about the same size as Giovinco, I reckon in his present condition he would be a better option to fill his shirt.

  3. It was hardly Giovincos fault, Vucinic has been terrible when it comes to passing in the last few games, Vidal was terrible and of all eleven who started only Buffon could be given positive points for nearly saving the penalty even later he nearly gave Milan a gift.

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