Celtic – Juve tickets

Good draw for Juve then! Does anyone have a chance of getting tickets for Juve end at Celtic Park? I was a DOC member last year but failed to renew this year..

11 thoughts on “Celtic – Juve tickets

  1. Don’t agree that it’s a good draw. Very few teams come away with a positive result from Parkhead. However, my initial reaction was great because I’ll be up in Glasgow that night, so hopefully the club can sort me out with a ticket. Please?

  2. Im just glad we avoided Madrid and even Arsenal as they can still turn it on in the big games. I know Celtic are good at home but it could have been much tougher. Im confident we will take care of them. 4-1 on agg…

  3. I also think its a good draw, but mostly out of convenience!
    Not an easy tie but I can’t see Juve losing.
    As a Scottish Juventus fan it was the draw I was hoping for, the chance to see them playing on scottish soil is fantastic!

    Not sure how to get tickets though? Through Celtic, Juve or through this site?

    Got a few mates who are celtic, so I’d easy sit in the home end if nothing else. Will make it interesting!
    (especially with bianconeri colours)

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