What’s going on?

3 games – 0 wins (excluding extra-time). Something’s wrong. Post Christmas blues? Squad fatigue? Lack of a consistent striker? Just bad luck? or all of the above? Anybody got any theories to add and how to beat it?

Been a Juve fan Since 1978. Still in love with Platini. Was at Heysel with my older brother.

6 thoughts on “What’s going on?

  1. Reality setting in, we do not have a decent forward who can consistently score. Parma got what they deserved today. Some of our guys need to look closely at themselves after recent performances. Vucinic in particular can take some responsibility for daftness at a time when we needed to be holding the ball up in the opposition half of the field. We seem to forget that a one goal lead is only good if we are sure the opposition are not going to take their one gifted chance. We need someone special up front. Drogba or Llorente ?

  2. I believe we are missing Asamoah and Chiellini. They have a good understanding down the left and all 3 of the goals conceaded in 2013 have come down our left hand side. Everyone has been poor and they really need to pick it up! I agree that we need a striker.

    1. Yes, that left side has gone a bit awry but we’re still plodding on. Just take more points from Napoli and Lazio then it’s OK. It was will be an exciting finish to the final championship round.

  3. We are improving and sacrificing. I am very happy with Prandelli and Marotta’s recent comments about Prandelli recognizing Antonio Conte and Marotta stating that we are a buying club, not a selling one. We need to know this as fans. Msrotta knows like Moggi (not with his crazy political stance) – gotta love that little dude. It’s not rocket science how to run a club efficiently. I look forward to Llorente and his linking with Mirko up front.

    Our Juve will defeat Celtic and face a big European heavywieght for a classic. This will be part of our showcase. We are Euro heavyweights and always remain a force in Italia e L’europa. I am confident with our progression. I see us returning to rich heavyweights again soon. We are already rich, through Exor, FIAT etc and are merely limiting the money available etc… I love my club and love our image. We are Boss. Sup campo trenta, uno, duo, tre…. tretanta!!!!! 30 SUL CAMPO, FORZA JUVE RAGAZZI..

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