Napoli- shambles

How come they get their points back and players bans scrapped.Is it becuase we are Juventus ?. Anyone know if we are going to do anything about it.Just causes bad feeling between clubs and players.

2 thoughts on “Napoli- shambles

  1. I only read about these changes. Why must me do domsething about it? I am personally happy for Paolo and Gianluca to have their stupid bans overturned. The FIGC is looking like a farce more and more these days and I feel that they need to chill out a bit. Napoli are currently 5 points behind and we face Lazio in the Coppa Italia’s Semi-Final semi final on Tuesday at Juventus Stadium. Let us crush them!

  2. Let us just concentrate on getting Llorenta here within the next week and players like Marchisio and Chiellini in good condition. It’s now 21 January. We need Giorgio. I want to play like Giorgio more but prefer Claudio’s silkiness. Everyone says that they link De Rossi’s thing. I hope he stays with Roma really and doesn’t go to Germany or England. The players must know and reliase that Bundesliga, Ligue Un, Serie A and La Liga are better. Turkey, Russia etc are outsiders

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