Antonio Conte’s post match interviews

Does anybody know why he holds a hand to his cheek and a finger to his ear? Maybe he feels more comfortable in front of the camera and mic pretending he’s engaging in some telephone call?

I’ve been trying to find the so-called rant after the Bologna game where he maybe mentioned something about coaching abroad. Does anyone have a link here?

I know that Conte isn’t going to leave. I think his blood is also bianconero and he’s happy. His antics on the touchline is passion and joy and so we must salute him as he is doing a fine job. I remember when he started as coach and he said something like he isn’t one to speak a lot and use words or something, but I think this is quite the opposite really. He’s very intelligent and seems to say the right things.

4 thoughts on “Antonio Conte’s post match interviews

  1. Guess it now dot com. A. Conte wore 8, yeah? I am not good with remembering images (sometimes). Our Marchisio is Conte’s son. I love music though. Turn the volume up.

  2. He’s had it for years now it seems. Farsopoli/Calciopoli brought Claudio’s emergence though, of course. I like him Gigi, Giovinco, Barzagli, Chiellini, Marrone, Bonucci, Quagliarella/Matri, Matri/Quagliarella (did we sign Fabio before Alessa Matri?), Vucinic, Lichtsteiner, Peluso, Giaccherini, Pogba, Caceres (not seen much of this year- glad he’s OK ’cause body parts of the car went a flying down the subway steps and thing.) Padoin, Asamoah, Isla etc Bendtner, Anelka, e La Pirlo

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