Andrea Pirlo

He’s at times been dodgy from a liability to the Wizard that he can be,

For me though he has not been brilliant. I need to see more from him. We need to retain lo scudetto now

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2 thoughts on “Andrea Pirlo

  1. Hi guys, sorry been lurking quite a while here. The season’s nearing an end and some legs are worn out. Pirlo is consistent with losing possession and trying to dribble his way out of defence at times. Conte has told his defenders not to hoof it out of defence but how many times does that put us under pressure with the short passes at the back? Bayern knew that and pressed us last night.
    Ok we got to the quarter finals, not disappointing but i feel we still aren’t on par with the likes of Barcelona and Bayern.
    We need that top scorer up front which we lacked over the 2 legs.

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