Juve close in to number 31, a couple of idea’s of players who could make a difference next season

Juve are now only seven points away from winning the Scudetto number 31, that is if Napoli win the remaining games, but the reality I think that Juve are only two games away from securing the title.

This time the victims were none other than Lazio, before their encounter Lazio only suffered three home defeats well now make it four. This was Juve fifth league win in a row time to start building for next season. After the weekend’s games the results were great as Napoli failed to beat Milan but di gain a valuable point as to try to keep up with Juventus, but from -9 they are now -11 and Milan’s charge also came to a holt as they are -15 they can only try to cement that third Champions League spot but they have to look over their shoulder as Fiorentina are only four points adrift. There have been some great results this weekend apart from Juventus winning there was that great defeat by Inter who played Cagliari in a natural ground so the away fans outnumbered the home fans but that made little difference as Cagliari saw them off 2-0, (that makes it four defeats in five games ah diddum’s) in spite of all things let’s not write off Udinese who are once again trying for European football next season, whiles at the other end of the table we see Pescara almost defiantly playing Seria B next season whiles the other are still fighting a real survival game Siena took full advantage as they faced Pescara away but took all three points, as for Palermo they failed (after two consecutive wins) to keep all three points at Palermo as they drew with Bologna 1-1, as also for Genoa they were held in the Genoa derby against Sampdoria 1-1 they did however have the biggest chance of winning as a Samp player got sent off but the hosts failed to capitalize on it, but with 6 games or shall we say 18 points still available who knows.

Juve once again showed that they are a real force to be feared, last season Juventus went through the season without defeat and won the league, it was said that this season would be different as Juve have Champions league to insert to the league, one thing that was missing last season. Yes they were correct on one sense that this season Juve have lost on four occasions, but even losing that unbeaten record Juve are still running away with the Scudetto, this must tell others don’t mess with the old lady she will slap you one.

Yes the champions league campaign went a bit array, after an excellent run two straight defeats against Bayern Munich sent Juve packing, having said that Bayern were the better team of both occasions, that been said Juve are at least two players short to compete in the Champions league, Bayer were good as this same team have been playing together for a while, with a little touch here and there they have come of age and it would not surprise me if they go all the way. Their next opponents are Barcelona who are not in a brilliant form at this current moment, still an excellent team but something is not quit right around the camp. I think Juve should be looking out there for a good imaginative midfielder for next season, Pirlo is getting on now can still be a major player but not in both C.L. and League, with the definitive arrival of Fernando Llorente on a freebee Juve have more cash to look elsewhere, I would go as far to say Gareth Bale (if Tottenham don’t make C.L.) he has shown he can play well in Europe (scored three against Inter that alone is worth it ), what about Radamel Falcao from Athletico Madrid but then again his agent Jorge Mendes has priced him to high at  60 million Euros, Ruben Botta  from Tigre, Luis Farina Racing currently at CSKA Moscow, that’s just to name a few.


Next Sunday night big game Juve v Milan, Juve to win to claim Scudetto Milan to win to claim fourth spot, no problem a draw will do, as Napoli host Cagliari will also end in a draw, the only problem with that result will be the fact that Fiorentina will beat Torino and would put the cats mongs the pigeons, another very interesting game will be Lazio v Udinese both teams want European football, but that’s one major hurdle as Roma host Pescara and you can’t see any other result than a home win, whilst Inter host Parma, lese oh please let’s hope for an away win that would make my day big time, at the other end of the scales we see the Sicilian Derby Catania v Palermo, the hosts are in a good safe position as for Palermo cannot lose this game it would really spell disaster, as a derby game you’d probably settle for a draw but that won’t help the guests on their route to survival, because Siena host Chievo, yes it’s not an easy game it’s actually a six pointer A Siena win would drag Chievo into the mire, Genoa v Atalanta like the above Genoa need a home win as to try to survive and Atalanta need to get a result as not to be drawn into the mire, so all in all great weekend of fotty coming right up

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  1. I agree whole-heartedly with most of your points, but a bit optimistic over transfer targets. Would love to see Bale or Falcao arrive, but there’s no way we can afford them. If Man City sign another striker, then I would love to see Dzeko come, I’m a big fan of his, but then only if we don’t have to sacrifice Vidal. We must keep him, then add to the squad where we can.

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