Transfers in and out

Just found out that apparently we’ve rejected a €45m bid from Bayern Munich for Vidal. I’m absolutely thrilled. I know we’ve talked about keeping our best players, but it’s easier said than done in the face of that kind of money.
So, who’s in and out this summer. Bendtner out? (God, I hope so) Ibra in? or the cannibal? Talk of a left-back too, Kolarov maybe? Will the new 3-6-1 formation have an effect on targets? If we’re playing one up front, do we need another striker? We’ve got 5 already, including Llorente.

Been a Juve fan Since 1978. Still in love with Platini. Was at Heysel with my older brother.

5 thoughts on “Transfers in and out

  1. I remember seeing Arturo sat in the audience encouraging the players on and then returning to look down at his phone. He’s one of our key nucleus of players. On another note, I’m glad that Bayern thrashed Boring Barca by more goals than they managed against us. It is true that Bayern are absolutely formidable. They are very strong and it seems to be Robben as one of their protagonists in driving them forward. Heynckes deserves it. They maybe deserved it last season against Chelsea. Dortmund very strong too. This will do wonders for Germany’s UEFA coefficients if both progress meaning it is getting right in these rankings. Italian clubs need to do better in Europe… please

  2. Bendtner will go surely; i thought he may get 1 or 2 goals but even without his injuries he was and is complete shit.

    As ever we need 1 player in each area; it would be great if we could steal Suarez from Liverpool, we also need a Pirlo replacement (if such a person is available), and a defender.

  3. Ciao , All Juve fans is anybody going to the Juve v Palermo game Sunday ?? I could do with a lift if anybody can help (Milan Malpensa) as my lift is unable to make it this Sunday ?

    Yours Franco

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