31 titles

Great season can we make it three in a row and dominate europe next season ?

2 thoughts on “31 titles

  1. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Next year will be tough. Milan have been on good form, and if Napoli can keep Cavani, they will both be contenders. Not to mention every team in serie A will be going that little extra to beat us. As for Europe, baby steps. I think quarter-finals was a decent result this season. Looking at the quality of the final four, I’d say we’d do well to get to the semis next season. It’s going to be tough. Let’s just enjoy the summer.

  2. Hi Tris, Every year is a tough one, but when you have a team that plays for each other then it comes easy, last season they said Juve won the league becouse they did not perform in Europe, well this season we did and still won the league, Juve have players who want to play the squad is not 16 -18 players like most others its 20-22 players which is a huge differance, there are going to be at least a further eight players in the squad next season ok yes some will be leaving, but even if Juve ends up with one extra still better than any others, as for Cavani he will no longer a Napoli player there are two deals on the table already who are they dont know as for the manager he’ll be in charge of Roma that the latest on that one unless Napoli reinvest the 63 million in the team (very doutfull).. so yes JUve for tris next season and maybe semi or even Final C.L.

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