Insigne, Florenzi and Caldirola were upset, rightly so. Italy did good in this tournament. Devis Mangia did good. Their two pens edged it in the end. Beautiful goal from our Ciro Immobile lobbing the pig’s bladder over De Gea. It will have been different if our Luca Marrone could have featured, but it wasn’t to be.

They say that Spain’s successes may be down to some unverified reason that Barcelona and R. Madrid’s players now no longer sit at different tables when with the National team. Some sort of togetherness maybe.

Spain wear a red shirt therefore there is no way that I can be an admirer of them.

Press on and be determined to shut up all of these people who are seemingly in love with Spain. I hope we get them in the Confederations Cup and roadrunner Chi3llo with his socks down to his ankles smashes into them like Claudio Gentile and Balo scores some good goals.

Marchisio? No, he’s not leaving the beautiful old lady. Go away Manchester and Monaco. Our boy stays at home. Like I’ve said before, he is destined for greatness similar to that or even greater than Mr Juventus.

I know some of you may think that I’m crazy. It is OK to think this. Ignorance, though, that I do not like.

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