Any idea what channel the calcio will be on next season? heard there are problems with ESPN???

2 thoughts on “LIVE SERIE A 13/14

  1. Use LIVETV.RU!!!! HD quality streams using software called SopCast – the streams are ultra reliable

    On the television…. BT Sport channels… it seems to be a bit complicated… BT Broadband customers get this for free…. ESPN UK in some effect becomes part of BT Sports…. I did some small reading into this a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure if a BT Sports subscription will cost only £3 a month though (after only reading the small print at the bottom of that television advert with Jake Humphrey).

    I was alerted to these UK based changes only after reading a Sky monthly statement stating the ESPN subscription would end in July or something.

    Maybe get a box and dish, point the dish towards the correct satellite and receive Italian TV or what about DirecTV or something? I’d like to.

  2. I hear bt are going to show a lot of games,not sure how many.For those of you who have sky italia.Fox sports is going live in august with the did not bother trying this time round.

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