3 year contract, 5million euros a season £12million pounds depending on perfomance. not bad piece of business for a 29 year old! BACK WITH A BANG!!!

9 thoughts on “TEVEZ IS OURS!!!

  1. I am very happy about Tevez joining Juve and as for the number 10 shirt many champions has worn that shirt before del Piero and I am fed up of fans moaning wanting it retired since del Piero left. It’s a whole lot of nonsense as many future stars will no doubt wear the famous number 10 shirt so I am pleased that Tevez will wear it next season.

  2. I agree number 10 should of notr been given. theoretically it should been given to Giovinco but clearly he has not met expectations….

    On a lighter note, i think its a good pioece of business…instead of forking out £25M for Higuan and £150 k bulge wage bracket a week who might not even perform….and we know Tevez has pedigree…so all in all hats off to Mr M for a shrewd piece of business! Now lets hope for a dedly partnership! WELCOME TEVEZ..will miss you on MoTD….

  3. Llorente up front supported by Tevez and Vucinic, then Pirlo Marchisio, Vidal….mouth watering….

    Matri will be leaving for Milan, Fabio Quagi will be off as well…Giovinco will stay….remember we will be playing Serie A, Coppa Italia, CL, we need depth….to cover for any injuries….

    saying that we are after Jovetic…we shallsee now..

    much better than last season when we ended up with Bendtner…

  4. I’ve been thinking about the decision to offer the 10 shirt to Tevex and while I’m not fully happy with it I can see that maybe the club management decided that they would offer this importantly prestigious shirt to Tevex to make him feel important and wanted etc so that he performs, works hard etc…. If he’d have been given a number like 18 or 28 or whatever then maybe he’d cry or something. 32 that he seems to wear currently belongs to Ale Matri. You say that he’s going? I hope not. He and Fabio Q are two very important players of ours.

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