Transfer Rumour Mill

Ciao tutti, so transfer market in full swing…a little black and white birdy its telling me that Isla is almost done to go to Inter…didnt really do much for us..a shame…Stoke city have shown a small interest in De Ceglie, Vucinic stakes have increased with Zenit…and a anothe interest from Hamburger for Ziegler….

The buy side…Ogbonna is loooking mor elike a Juve player, Jovetic is 50 /50 still…Juve showed an interest in Gomez from bayern, but that wont happen now…Higuain is 100% off the radar….

stay tuned for more news on the move….

2 thoughts on “Transfer Rumour Mill

  1. all the above still the same, no news front on new transfers, likely candidates to leave: Vucinic, Matri, Quagi, De Ceglie, Ziegler, Melo ( believe it or not), a small clear out for funds for Jovetic! will keep you folks posted…

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