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What can we do to make this site more appealing as there seems to be very little activity? Do we all need to get together to discuss? there are only about 4/5 people who post

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  1. That’s a good question. I like the site, and post regularly. A few suggestions off the top of my head: Competitions? Fantasy football of some kind? If you have the email address’s of members who don’t post, maybe you could ask their opinion?

  2. Well..firstly to make this a slick website and not feel like a blog! Trust me I have been there and done that, tried to help but not been heard..doesnt help! It doesnt encourage new blood to stimulate the website. Remember, most people ( not saying you guys) are keen at the beginning and then they dont follow through!

    But i agree, this website needs a revamp, but are the people willing to listen and change? Punto di domanda!

  3. Mario, do i detect a hint oif sarcasm…on a serious note…why dont Eugenio & Co organise a meeting and invite people who are interested and see what comes of it…I already have a full draft in powerpoint presentation of a new website…

  4. Arranging meetings is all very well, but given that we’re spread out over the uk it won’t be lack of enthusiasm that will stop people turning up but rather lack of funds.

  5. No sarcasm I am just interested to know what has happened why a drop in members talking. Look at the last couple of seasons we have had. We seem to get interest on the site when people want tickets. I agree the site needs a serious revamp perhaps a change of committee members. Committee please let us know your thoughts. Guys we want the site to succeed.

  6. Ciao tutti, Mario i was just kidding…the fact why hardly anyone writes here, is that this supporters club lost credibility, i.e. when you have match tickets for UK games for Juve, it seems the club does not get enough tickets, or just handful, which are then handed to very “close” people. The thing is, this club cannot expect members to pay memmbership fee, and not even get one single ticket for a game in the UK, eg Juve vs Chelsea. Classic example hardly any tickets for the club…and yet there are pictures of people representing this club full of smiles and see the old faces who alway benefit from the small ticket allocation..Fair? I think not! You must give reason for people to pay memebership, if you cannot assure fans of this club tickets then you cannot demand money from them, we live in ” recession wave”, times are tough, you cannot expect people to fork out money for nothing, i mean, you dont pay the gym and not use it? why pay for something if you get nothing back from your honest money! How can you sell membership to a new member and state you cannot gurantee a ticket? Its like me selling ice to the eskimos…a very hard sell!

    And that is why Mario, people are tired of this club, if this is truly a 100% supporters club they need to have better relations with the ticket office in Torino, and ensures us any games that come in UK, that we do get tickets, as its easy for this club to pass the buck…its not us its Torino allocating tickets

    1) Sort this blog out, i.e. make it into a website rather than a blog
    2) Show that this club can get tickets
    3) Make events for people to meet up i.e. if folks are in london, glasgow etc to make a pizza night out etc.

    open to discussion…

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