Latest Transfers 17/07/13

Ciao tutti,

Isla is 99% an Interista…so much for him saying it was his dream to play for Juve…hmmm..liar liar your pants is on fire!!! good riddance….

Fabio Quagi still not keen on Norwich, nut Norwich is pushing…

Melo gone to Galatasaray

no news on us buying anymore, i think that might be it for us! Would of loved Jovetic to come in!

12 thoughts on “Latest Transfers 17/07/13

  1. I think Matri for sure is staying… he’s been saying things recently that suggest he’s here for the season at least

    Quagliarella might leave, but I can’t see Norwich being his destination

    I quite like how we’re keeping our purse strings tight as we’ve seen a lot of money being wasted on some players post Calciopoli.. I don’t have to name these people..

    Maybe we are in fact saving up to spend a bit of cash on another signing

    If Stevan does join Man Shitty he’ll fail and will want to leave very soon… It will delight me if they have another rubbish season especially in Europe… they’re kind of some fake club just with lots of money… I’m definitely nowhere jealous of the money they have… with money it is too easy… not earning any success… no pedigree like the real giants of Football (Juve, Madrid, Milan, Barca, Bayern) look at what Moyes did at Everton with little to no money… Conte has reiterated that their is no money in Italy but now yes ADL has a lot of money with his Partenopei but this is OK for them… they’re in the Champs League after all and I want them to do well too

    Why are actors and sportspeople paid more than doctors and many of the good police people? Isn’t this wrong? Isn’t there so much money in the World to cure lots of things like famine and poverty?

    A Worldwide Revolution is needed here

  2. I agree, but the fans do fork out the season tickets and match day tickets…so do we blam ourselves?

    But i agree with you 100%…the world we live in!

  3. I think we will bring in one more player, probably a wing back like Kolarov or Zuniga. We’ve not exactly spent big. Llorente free, Tevez €9 million. I would still like Higuain, but a striker is not a priority. Replacing Giaccherini should be.

  4. Oh and as for the finances. Supply and demand is the cornerstone of every business transaction the world has ever seen. These players have a unique sought after ability which don’t just win matches, they make money for their employers. Doctors/teachers/security personnel that make money for their employers are paid very very well, but it means joining the private sector which is usually reserved for the very best. Eg., a doctor on Harley Street, a tutor at Eton, a bodyguard for PM.

  5. Doctors save lives.

    What contribution do film people, music people and sportspeople really make?

    Film, Music (ok, I adore almost all genres of Music and so maybe there is an exception) and Sport is not as important as Health, Education, Safety, Security etc.

    I’m getting increasingly sick of living in a World with large amounts of money around available to fix things yet children are still dying.

    Also, stop fighting each other. Some people need to learn to live with each other. There’s only one race, and that’s the human race. Animals are good too.

    I need to say more prayers for everyone and everything.

    In the meantime, Gonzalo is now being linked with Napoli.

  6. That’s very idealistic, but not very realistic.99.9% of footballers earn a pittance. It’s the chosen few that make the headlines. Any idea how much the worlds greatest brain surgeon makes? or the Dean of Harvard?

    Communism is a great idea on paper, but it’ll never work because most people are extrinsically motivated and capitalism allows the best to thrive.

    Wow, bit heavy for a Juve forum!

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