Can you all give me your thoughts on this please?

On 3 July I placed order with for 2013/14 home shirt with Giaccherini number 24 and shorts with number 24…. A week later I here and start reading that he is leaving. Now he has gone.

The returns terms and conditions basically state that no replacements or refunds are possible for customised products (jerseys or shorts with name /or number, with initials, except if faulty or damaged); for underwear and swimsuits; for match jerseys if the player leaves the club or changes the squad number).

So, I had the items customised and now Mr Emanuele has left our club.

I received the items last Tuesday, 9 July. Items can be returned within 10 days. I’ve already sent an email stating that the items are faulty. A reply was received asking what the defects are and for me to provide pictures.

I’ve considered making the products faulty by somehow damaging them, but feel this would be like voodoo [or something] damaging the jersey.

What would you do?

6 thoughts on “Can you all give me your thoughts on this please?

  1. ebay it….:-) rare item now.. 😉

    here is story, once i found a Juve jersey on the gym floor, ignored for a week…so i took it, left a note at reception,no one claimed it, so I washed it and gave it to your bought something in good faith for only him to leave…make a small “adjustment” to it..and send it back…maybe lesson learnt get a jersey with a name that will stick around for some time i.e. Vidal, Buffon, Marchisio…etc..or even better YOUR OWN NAME… 😉

  2. I don’t think any of us actually saw an Italian International who plays for us leaving. Did you? There were seemingly no rumours of him leaving. It kind of just happened quickly.

    What kind of small adjustment could I make? If I damaged it, they may try to say that I did this myself and then I could be stuck with it.

    I have thought about just keeping it in honour of Emanuele.

  3. Don’t damage it. That’s just spiteful. You choose the name, live with it. I can’t help thinking of a geordie friend of mine who had his favourite player tattooed on his thigh. A week later he joined Man Utd! (Andy Cole)

    Personally, I’m not a believer in named shirts, as I support the team regardless of who’s playing. Yes, I have favourite players (Lichsteiner for me) and players I love to hate (Ronaldo) but that could change if they were transferred somewhere else.

    Two exceptions in my wardrobe. I’ve got 27 shirts, 25 blank, a 1985 shirt from European Cup Final with 10 on the back and a 1996 Champions League final shirt with 10 and Del Piero on the back. Icons never change.

  4. No, I don’t think that would be spiteful towards the club or Emanuele.

    The reason why I wanted a name and number is because I think the shirts are all made with a big black box on the back of the shirt. For me it may have looked wrong. See here

    His performances at the Confederations Cup compelled me to place the order with his name and number.

  5. lol…burn it burn it…kidding…keep it..what about using dye…the black out for red 🙂 ..just keep it… he did us proud in the jersey…now if you had bought Melo that is a completely different ball game!

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