He seems happier these days. Giving him the number 10, as I’ve said before, could be genius. But I wonder if his usual 32 does have meaning? I think he wore that at both Manchester clubs and West Ham, but I’m not sure what he wore before this.

I think maybe he seems just generally more happier because he’s away from England.

3 thoughts on “Tevex

  1. Tevez has been happy at every club for the first season. Let’s see if he’s still happy next summer. Hopefully the oriundo will make him feel at home.

    1. Italy or England? Where would one prefer to live?

      Torino or Manchester? Where would you prefer to live?

      Play for small club like Manchester Shcity or large scale major league giant of a club like Juve?

      We will see now anyway.

  2. Base it on class and success then. Grazie sole

    I wish Carlitos the affection and greatness he deserves for he IS a great player.

    Conte is seemingly going with Tevex and Llorente in the front then. Fernandez to be used in the air a lot, like I think Conte wanted to use Quagliarella. Quagliarella has midfield duties in him to further fulfil so he has to stay. He would only go back to Udinese or Napoli.

    Stare con la Juve.. Ti Amo il mio la Juventus… 🙂

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