A real Argentine could never play in Turin

What do you think of the fat git Maradona,s comments

4 thoughts on “A real Argentine could never play in Turin

  1. So Gonzalo has gone down south and as such does not join Arsenal. Good for him, and good for Serie A.

    I see that Reina has joined up too.

    This season could be one of the most interesting for a long time.

    I am concerned about Napoli.

  2. So, I think that Diego may still be a semi drug addled being, and so maybe sometimes what comes out of his mouth doesn’t make sense. He might even be deluded.

    It also has to be remembered that he has an association with Napoli and so is purely trying to stir things up – he in fact likes our Juve, but doesn’t have the DNA.

    Let the Juventus Club Londra prosper.

    Hit your opponents during any football that you are involved in. Let us arrange some of this. I love to play like little Giacchi(y) – I think that’s his Sunderland name. I like Emanuele because of his almost fairytale like story and how he has excelled over the last 2-3 years. He simply wants to play a World Cup and needs the full season to fully prove his complete worthiness. I think he’s ultra humble and loves playing good attacking football. He fully appreciates where he is right now and what he’s aiming for. His ConfedCup performances really really impressed me hence why I got his name and number on the back only for him to leave about 10 days later after the order for which there were no rumours about his willingness to leave la Juve.


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