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I would like to buy some juve tickets for their cl and serie a games that take place in early september. Do I have to renew my membership as last year I was left shocked at the fact that I couldn’t get any tickets for the juve lazio game

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  1. Michele cant answer on behalf of the club, however you can sign up to listicket which I have used in the past and this year I became a premium Juventus supporter via their official web site, it gives you access to The Juventus magazine and the option to buy a ticket etc well worth the money,bit long winded to join though. There is a annual subscription but have to renew all your details every 3 years.

  2. Ciao Tutti…well it was a joke the last time Juve came to London…the club couldnt even get 20 tickets…let alone 50!!! I ended up in the away section paying over the odds for them…lost a lot of respect of the club especially when you see photos of cerrtain enjoying themselves at the match! Unless this club becomes serious about what they do i.e. get the tickets, organise events etc maybe fans of this club will actually pay membership and feel they are getting their monies worth! But coughing out money for nothing is a mug’s game! In the times we find ourselves, people want to get their monies worth! So my advice, dont rely on this club for tickets listen to Mario…good luck!

  3. Mario, I know I may sound dumb for asking you this but could you tell me step by step how it is done as I get totally lost on that website. Camt juve just sell their own tickets like arsenal for instance. I brought two match tickets for championship matches which were so easy and eticket is just heaven.

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