Join Juventus Club Londra DOC today for some fantastic membership benefits Juventus Club Londra was founded in 1985. In 1998 it was revamped by the current committee under its President Paolo Borello and subsequently received the certificate of Official Recognition from Juventus FC and subsequently official DOC status. It’s now the biggest and most active club in the UK with members in Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Scandinavia, Middle East and Italy.

DOC Membership which costs £22 per year and runs until the end of the relevant footballing season. Your name is registered with Centro Juventus Club in Italy and you receive a ‘gadget’ which varies from year to year e.g. Juventus Cap, Juventus wallet, and a DOC card which, among other benefits, entitles you to a 10% at Juventus Stores both at the stadium and elsewhere. Priority is also given to DOC members for allocations of match tickets (although tickets are not guaranteed).

Payment you can complete and return the application form online and then either send us a cheque or postal order or remit payment directly to our bank. We will supply you with details upon request.

Website Access Updated regularly. Visit for news, general info, review of matches, fixtures, club forum.

Trips to Turin Travel with other members or make your own plans. The club keeps members aware of special offers by Ryan Air etc and has an agreement with some good 3 star hotels in the centre near the station, which gives discounts to members. Organized trips include extra excursions, such as tours in and around Turin. Past trips have included visiting castles, wine tastings, shopping & restaurants (including an 8 course meal for less than £25!)

Merchandise Official Juventus Merchandise available from the club upon request

Get-Togethers with other members These vary from having lunch & watching a match to having a bike ride around the local park. The level of activity is up to you!