Place to watch Borussia-Juventus in London

Hi everybody, I’m new in the forum since I’ve moved to London few weeks ago. I would like to watch with other Juventus supporters the fundamental match Borussia Dortmund-Juventus so I wonder if you have a pub or bar where you usually watch the matches together. Thank for your help and forza Juve!

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  1. I’m not sure. I’m very far from London. Mario may know. Wait for him to post.

    What do you think about the game on Wednesday? It’s huge, right? I think I want to see a footballing war on the pitch.. I want to see Chi3llo with his socks down.. he had better flipping be on his game, ’cause he’s sometimes looked a little dodgy on too many occasions recently..


    Lichtsteiner Bonucci Chiellini Evra

    Sturaro/Vidal Marchisio Pogba


    Tevex Morata

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  3. I think it’s gonna be a tough match, Borussia Dortmund has shown defensive limits during the previous match but playing in Dortmund is difficult for everyone. We must take control of the game and play for the win.
    I think that we will go for a 3-5-2 with Buffon,Barzagli,Chiellini,Bonucci,Evra,Lichtsteiner,Pogba,Vidal,Marchisio,Tevez,Llorente/Morata
    We’ll miss “il maestro” Pirlo but I hope that the others will replace him even better!

    1. 3-5-2? Are you shure? We have struggled with this formation in some games in the group stages don’t forget.. we lost both of them 1-0 against A. Madrid and Olympiakos and since then changed the formation from match day or game week 4 of the group stage going with 4 at the back, but now that A. Barzagli is back into the fold we might see a little reshuffle at the back, but I doubt it. Maybe Barzagli will start on the bench for a defensive change towards the end of the match and come on as fresh legs to shore things up if we’re still leading the tie.. Barzagli can be useful having previous experience in Germany also.

      Looking forward to seeing arsenal getting smacked out. I think that Berbatov will run riot again.

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