Does anyone know why its back to court tomorrow.

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  1. I believe it’s the appeal of Moggi. Wasn’t he given a three year sentence? Not that actually means anything. I think Berlusconi has been given time on several occasions!

      1. Is he going to the jail? So, what is this personal sentence for? The Calciopoli as we know it sort of came about in 2006. I thought he got a 5 year ban from football? Maybe I miss something now?

          1. This a load of bullshit and wish the whole thing could just once and for all be put to bed. Forget all the phone calls and move on now. Calciopoli is behind Juve. Moggi I hope the best for him and would like to take this fine opportunity to thank him for what he did for the sexy Old Lady and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

  2. Remember, this latest case was nothing to do with Juve. It was just Moggi appealing against his own sentence. But I don’t think we should put calciopoli to bed. We were dealt with far too harshly. Not a lot we can do about demotion, or points deduction. By missing out on Europe we lost a lot of money. I could even live with the unassigned title. But losing the second title really hurts and we should continue to fight for it back. It’s just not just.

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