I’m watching them again in their recent game against sevilla… i think to myself oh what a wonderful world

I think to myself forget about tactics, we need to be good technically… we need to be CLASS… we can be class but some of our players can sometimes be very nervous little individuals…

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  1. Yes, cristiano is something else… he’s almost biblical really – he really is truly better than Lionel Messy…. we have Superman Gigi, Evra, Giorgio Chi3llo, Leo, A. Barzagli, Forest Gump, il Principino CM8, A. Pirlo, Vidal Sassoon, Pereyra, Carlitos Tevex & the Chipmunk, Álvaro Morata against his former employers… do not forget his champions league winning medal with them… I think he had some play in last year’s final… WE HAVE THE SPIRIT MORE THAN THEY DO…. OH I THINK I WILL WATCH THIS GAME FROM THE ISS… I HAVE A FLIGHT BOOKED.

  2. An epic performance last night against Real Madrid. Great start, lots of good tempo that saw us score the 1st goal, then we got a little sloppy.

    Typical gritty Juve fight back after their equalizer and the penalty winner capped a memorable performance by Carlos Tevez. Excellent performances too from Arturo Vidal, Claudio Marchisio and Alvaro Morata.

    If only Nando had headed a third in the dying embers of the match.

    Fingers crossed for the return leg.

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