Paddy power suggest he is a juventus player.

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  1. It does seem likely. Several companies have stopped taking bets on it, Man City have just spent £30M on a new forward and Tevez has been unsettled. My only concern is he is 29 now and we’ve allegedly offered him a 4 year contract that INCREASES annually. Also, does this end our search for a forward? Jovetic, I think is over-priced, but I was looking forward to seeing Higuain in the black & white. The demands of a long European campaign will need some squad rotation, so if we can get Tevez AND Higuain, we’ll be golden. Throw in Ogbonna, and they might as well give us the trophies now!

  2. No, he is now a Manchestre Sitty fan. I read 8 or 9 million lira on the Football Italia (that magazine that I collected for years during our late 20th century dominance “(*late on in that century*)”…. ) website and that bookies stopped taking bets (I’ll take him and see him doing well – – I hope)… let us also have Higuain and Jovetic hahah…

  3. It does. Apparently the Marotta and Paratici flied in on a jumbo jet to meet with “officials” of the rubbish manchester city average football club. Tevez, though, he is good player.

    3 year deal? Maybe. He could be a phenomenon in Serie A. He’ll turn 30 during the coming season, which is OK. He must work hard otherwise Conte will beat him up.

    Who thinks that more than one new forward is needed?

    Higuain’s father seems to want his son to go to Juve?

    Jovetic? We need more funds for him? Selling Claudio? HELL NO. His blood was black & white around about the same time as when Mr Juve, ADP, signed in 1993. I remember being at manchester average city’s inherited stadium a few years’ back. It ended 1-1. Think it was world cup winner Enzo Iaquinta who scored our goal (I’m not sure what’s happened to that crazy geyser). ADP hit the crossbar late on in the second period.

    Time for work.

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