match fixing

reports on sky sports that Conte and Criscito arrested for alleged match fixing. Surely we arent gonna go through all this again after the season we have had and the prospect of the good times back

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  1. As I understand it the allegations are to do with Conte’s time at Siena so Juve can’t be touched by it. Also from what I’ve read the accusations against Conte at the moment are little more than one persons word as opposed to a proper legal trail such as phone taps etc. If the Italian police have any more concrete evidence it’s being kept pretty well hidden at the moment.

  2. Papers reporting that Bonucci has been under investigation since 3 May but has not been charged.The difference between him and Criscito is that the latter was officially informed???And now Gigi getting dragged into it with some big bets but is not being investigated I believe.Is this going to turn nasty????

  3. It looks increasingly like a shit-storm, but I still think (or hope) that even if Buffon has been gambling it has been on games not involving Juve so the club won’t get punished. Also seems too coincidental that one day after Gigi slams the investigators for the way they’ve handled the case, the investigators suddenly suggest he is involved. Even it doesn’t turn nasty, it’s already very murky.

  4. All this talk about betting is true, Buffon has said that he did bet on games, but it also has to be said that nearly all the games he gambled on were not in Italy, either premier league German league and Spanish league so how what can they charge him on? As for Conte he could be in trouble, he was not involved in any match fixing directly he refused to participate but bad news for him is that he knew that it was going on from his team, he could be charge on the ground of not reporting such facts., as for the Lecce game yes it came to light after all the scandal happen but FIGC and all the investigating team cannot find a bet against such result so message to the press “shut the hell up stop trying to bring Juve down” , on the note of gambling you have to look here in the premiership how many players gamble either on football or horses does that mean they are all crocks, so all the game in the premiership should be investigated really get of the Juve’s back, nearly all the games in the lime light are from Seria B.

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